• Barbara and Ron are a dynamic legal team! Their expertise and legal knowledge is highly impressive. They are fair, attentive, and thorough . I retained Barbara Youngman for a family law case and she was brilliant. She handled a difficult case with sensitivity and strength, I would highly recommend the Youngman and Reitshtein law firm!

    Donna C.

  • I found Ron thru the TEAM referral network and I have to say it was a pleasure to work with him on my contracts for clients. He not only protected myself but my client as well. When it comes to knowledge of my start up and how it should be structured, I was also blown away. Pretty soon I am just going to have this guy run my life.

    Lance M.

  • Youngman Reitshtein is my law firm of choice for all personal matters. Barbara is a personal advocate of mine and my young sons, taking on what was a "David & Goliath" story (me being David...) and persevering hands down. She is the perfect combination of veteran expertise, a spine of steel, and graceful presentation. She is tough when she needs to be, and wisely collaborative when warranted. Ron negotiated a business agreement for me, that secured the best financial outcome possible, due to his intricate knowledge of the law. Lauren brings to the firm an energetic presence of her tech-saavy, Millennial generation, backed by a stellar law degree/education.

    Colleen O.

  • I would recommend Ron in a heartbeat. He's one of those hidden gems in Beverly Hills who will look at every angle of your situation. He has given me advice on my business and real estate transactions, as well as my family affairs. The best part is that he is accessible by phone or email. He returns my correspondences within a timely manner and it is always assuring that he's in my corner.

    Dustin W.

  • I have found Ron's vast knowledge of nonprofit, business and bankruptcy laws to be invaluable. He's an integral part of my professional networking circle. It's always a pleasure to work with Ron and feedback from my referrals are always extremely positive.

    Joey R.

  • I have retained Barbara Youngman on many of my legal matters. She is responsive, thorough and has always positively prevailed. What is most important to me is her doggedness to anticipate all that could be uncovered and be totally prepared. She's in your corner!

    Ellen G.

  • Ron and Barbara are great. They are straight forward and look into your child's best interests. They have experience and are very patient in explaining the steps of California's family law. When they are not there either Lauren and Cindy are very helpful. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone.

    Yah M.

*These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.