The entertainment industry can be difficult to navigate. Often times, you will face issues and questions that you simply do not understand, know how to deal with or answer. Youngman Reitshtein, PLC can help you to deal with these legal issues that are pertinent to you in the entertainment industry.

Our firm has experience negotiating, drafting, reviewing and revising contracts for individuals and companies in the entertainment industry. We can also help you to protect your intellectual property to keep your original works safe from infringement.

Youngman Reitshtein, PLC can handle the unique legal needs of individuals and businesses involved in the entertainment industry. If you have a contract you need reviewed or drafted involving art, motion pictures, music, theater, book publishing, photography, and/or video games, it is wise to work with an entertainment lawyer to ensure the contract is clearly drafted, reflects your agreed upon deal points, and serves your best interests.

Lawyers who do not have a current understanding of these industries may feel like you are speaking to them in a different language and/or fail to identify critical issues, potentially leaving their entertainment clients with either a raw deal, or no deal at all.

Youngman Reitshtein, PLC acts as general counsel for established artists and companies who have a regular need for advice on how to secure rights to third party content to avoid copyright/trademark infringement (e.g., optioning a book for a screenplay, acquiring music for film soundtrack) and how best to exploit/protect their brand (e.g., licensing their name, image, or content to distributors, merchandisers, sponsors, etc.).